Galleria Palatina – Palazzo Pitti

The Palatine Gallery and the Royal Apartments occupy the whole of Palazzo Pitti’s piano nobile. The gallery was established in the late 18th and early 19th centuries by the Lorraine, who hung a mass of artworks, principally from the Medici collections begun around 1620, in the reception rooms. There are works by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Rubens, Pietro da Cortona and other Renaissance and 17th-century artists from Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

YTALIA exhibition at Palatine Gallery ends on September 8th

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TUE 8:15 am-6:50 pm.
WED 8:15 am-6:50 pm.
THU 8:15 am-6:50 pm.
FRI 8:15 am-6:50 pm.
SAT 8:15 am-6:50 pm.
SUN 8:15 am-6:50 pm.
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YTALIA exhibition at Palatine Gallery ends on September 8th

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Galleria Palatina, Piazza de' Pitti, Firenze, FI, Italia

Artists at the Galleria Palatina