• June 2 / October 1


    Energy Thoughts Beauty. It’s all connected

Italy is a republic founded on art and beauty:  one could also affirm that it is a republic founded and refounded by artists.  In one of the vaults of Assisi’s Upper Basilica, at the end of 1200, Cimabue, wrote “Ytalia” in the margin of a painting of a city, almost certainly Rome:  a very early affirmation of the existence of Italian civilization.  With this mark, Cimabue sanctioned that national boundaries are artistic before political and that national identity is made up of classic and humanistic culture, pagan beauty and Christian spirituality.

More than 100 works of contemporary art at the Forte di Belvedere and in the whole city.

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The exhibition want to present with a small number of selected artists some of the possible common characters from three different generations.

The video channel of the exhibition

The new FB Bus Line!

From 18 July through 1 October, a new ATAF bus will be making 15 double runs per day from Tuesday through Sunday  – one every 30 minutes from  10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  One terminus is in Piazza Pitti, the other at Forte Belvedere. The new Fb line intends to offer a service to Florentines and tourists interested in seeing the  Ytalia. Energia Pensiero Bellezza exhibition at Forte Belvedere (until 1 October)

The FB Bus